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A mad weekend

  Hi there!! It's been quite a while since I wrote a blog post! I won't do a catch up post today, but instead tell you all about last week, which is fresh as a daisy in my mind! Grassy-ass One of us is happier than the other.... Handsome Fred During the summer I rejoined SJI with a sportsman membership - a great taster for anyone wanting to see what it's all about! I only did one competition though and had being eyeing up competitions for a return. I saw a date in Tubberbride for the Connaught Horse Championships. There I would be able to do two classes. Before I decided what classes I would enter, or even if I would go at all, it was time to book a lesson. I absolutely love getting lessons. If I could afford it I would have a lesson every week! Jumping or flatwork, I love them both. So I rang Seamus and booked myself in. Boy was I excited to do a lesson and a full course! It had been agggggges. Wednesday came and I threw the boys in the box and we went in to the showground

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