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How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

After the busy busy May bank holiday, we had a break from competitions for a few weeks. Competitions only that is!! The training kept going. There was still plenty of room for improvement.

I took the week after the bank holiday off, for him and myself. I had the vet out to take x-rays of Freds legs to see how the arthritis has progressed since the last set of x-rays I’d gotten. The vet was amazed at how good he was. I thought that he would need the steroid injections, but in fact he was ok. He said just to send the x-rays on to my farrier and get special shoes for him. So that was wonderful news to get. Once I got the x-rays I sent them on to Brian Horohoe master farrier who I’ve been using since I moved home. He hot shoes them as well, which is even better.

The following Tuesday myself and Dani did a lesson with Seamus. I thought Cu Chulainn was a bit
off but he loosened up. We worked a bit in the warm up, jumping a vertical and a spread and slowly
increasing the heights. Fo…

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