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Out & About Again

  Sunshine lunge After our wonderful return to competition back in May, it's now time for our next outing. To make up for lost time, I have a mad busy weekend ahead!! Glutton for punishment....... On Saturday myself and Cu Chulainn are venturing to Mullingar for two working hunter classes. I haven't jumped since Athenry, and won't get a chance to before the competition, so I entered the 80cm to start with and then the 90cm. I've never been to this show before, so I'm not sure what to expect. As I look out the window now the rain is gently flowing. Happily I know that I will be on sand at the show, so no worries about slipping etc.  The boys have had it easy enough the last two weeks. The bank holiday I was busy with various things so didn't get to ride, but had plans for the week of what we'd work on. Best plans and all that.......naturally I pulled a muscle in my back and could barely tie my shoelace! So that all went t*ts up. I also didn't make it to t

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