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Um, catch up?

So where were we? Ah yes, I'd just finished a weekend of showjumping in Ballinasloe. I took the bank holiday weekend off. There was a big 4 day show in Mullingar but the entry fees were too high, especially seeing as we were still working on getting to a place of confidence and consistency.

Instead I helped out at my local riding club show, scribing for the show jumping judge. Every day is a school day and you should use it!

Tuesday I went to donate platelets up in St. James hospital, Dublin ( if you can you should donate, look up for more information). Unfortunately my iron levels were to low to be able to. That really explained a lot with the whole tiredness etc in the last month. Time to start looking after myself!!
On the way home I got to surprise one of my best friends who has just moved back to Ireland. I hadn't seen her in two years and she was shocked when I arrived at the door- I do love a good surprise (and a good catch up!)!!

That week myself and …

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