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Well, now

  July hit and it was a return to work. To be honest, I was glad to have a bit of routine again. I was lucky to be working from home and had a phased return to work, meaning I didn't go straight back to full time. Being at home made it easier to get up and walk around and do some stretches as often as I needed.  Chill factor Work from home life Work from home views I kept up the swimming, getting out 4 days a week most weeks. It's been great for my head just being able to do some sort of exercise. I never thought I was a sporty type, but not being able to do any exercise has really made me realise how much I like to be up and about and moving. July was when I really started to get out and it was time I caught up with the rest of the country!! I ate out, went on spur of the moment hols, planned surprise birthday dinner for mam, and enjoyed myself. Yay out with friends! Long suffering Matty I saw a lot of Lukers this summer! I was lucky enough to be able to get a taste of camperv

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